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Also Known As Mr. 24 Minute Workout, @TrellTheTrainer grew up in Adams Morgan as a native Washingtonian. He has always been passionate about sports, competition, and fitness. As a young adult Dontrell was involved in some criminal activity which led him to prison. While serving a 5 year sentence, Dontrell was not only thoroughly rehabilitated but also discovered new, and innovative workouts that dramatically transformed his physique.

It wasn't long before "Trell The Trainer" was born! He began teaching these same techniques that helped hundreds of inmates to get ripped. Released in 2015 on good behavior, Trell The Trainer continued to pursue his passion for training launching his company in the summer of 2016. Since then "Trell The Trainer" has helped a 1,000+ clients to get in shape and hires returning citizens as trainers to teach his signature class "23/1'. Trell The Trainer has been featured on ABC's Channel 8 and a list other local publications. His objective is to motivate and inspire his peers and community to embrace fitness and wellness as a way of life.